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The Steampunk Empire Symposium!

So, while usually I’d be rambling about my werewolf costuming adventures, this year, I wanna talk about how I think I might have Neville Longbottom-ed the Steampunk Empire Symposium.

The main events of the Symposium are The Airship Games. Registered Airships select members to compete in various contests of skill, such as Big Deal events such as Tea Dueling, or racing miniature remote-controlled dirigibles. This year there were several events that were in line with the con’s theme, Star Wars, such as Lightsaber Cricket. Another event in the games is the Curiosities Exhibit, where makers such as myself can display props in one of several different categories.

As it turned out, the competition was extremely close this year, and after the Big Deal events, it came down to the curiosities Exhibit, and there were so many amazing things on display. Like woah guys. It’s cool stuff. I did not take best in show, but I am happy to lose to two amazing steampunk lightsabers (Maybe next year!) I feel bad, because I don’t recall if anyone else from Passepartout took any prizes in the Curiosity Exhibit; I was kinda flustered and flattered and distracted. Why? Well, I myself was extremely fortunate, and received two awards, first, one as a best in the Items of Mysterious Origins category but then later, I got one as a What Tickled the Calamity Dawn and the Airship Curiosity Staff, who I am so thankful for, and who looked after my kit all weekend.

Aaaanyway, Passepartout had just enough points to with the Airship Games! I didn’t survive any Nerf Duels or win any Pod Races, but I helped a little, and apparently, just a little was all that was needed. Miss Gentia Peaseblossom, the co-owner of the airship, even took a photo of me with the trophy the airship won!

I already know what I wanna build for next year (If I can figure out how. Time for Research!) and I’m excited to try again.

If you're interested, I'll be spamming my personal Tumblr (as opposed to the werewolf one) with more photos and things!


May. 11th, 2014 01:33 am (UTC)
Tehee, thanks