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Lupus in Fabula

Half Way Out of the Dark

A Little Crazy
30 May 1985
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"There is a wolf in me …I keep this wolf because the wilderness gave it to me and the wilderness will not let it go."

-- Carl Sandburg




Hi there… My name’s Nashoba Hostina. Just Nashoba’s fine though.

I like to ramble on anout random stuff you probably don't wanna know about! I doodle and post it, I write little drabbles, ramble on about my booring ol life, all sorts of things, depending on what filter you're on!

So, um, lables. People love lables. I’m one of those hippy weirdos, and dislike labels, but I suppose a few of those labels would be disneyanon, costumer, avatard, RPer, fantasy lover, Kingdom Hearts fan, wolf girl, cosplayer, artist…

Thanks for stopping by!


Vyizder Zomanimor Orzizazzez Denderiz Orziz? ~my Dad
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